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Name:Merely Degenerate

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Grace. Sixteen. High School Junior. Music Lover. Science Nerd. Sarcastic. Paranoid. Sleep Deprived. Enjoys Tetris, Sleep, and Chemistry. Does Not Enjoy Essays, Most People, and My Brother Playing Drums for Hours on End.

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a cappella, across the universe, aim, alchemy, alice cullen, all time low, alternative, amy lee, angst, anything for you, anywhere, army wives, arsenic, atomic number 33, automatic loveletter, bang bang you're dead, being a beta, betaing, betaing fics, between the trees, biology, books, breathe no more, bring me the horizon, carlisle cullen, charlotte sometimes, chemistry, college, commenting, computer games, dark chocolate, degrassi, dogs, drama, eclipse, editing stuff, edward cullen, emarosa, emmett cullen, esme cullen, evan rachel wood, evanescence, everybody's fool, exodus, fanfiction, femmeslash, fics, flyleaf, food, france, going under, gossip girl, guitar hero, hamsters, harry potter, hopeless romanticism, imaginary, iming, insanity, iphones, ipods, itunes, jacob black, jasper hale, jim sturgess, kate nash, katy perry, kellan lutz, kellmett, lies, lies (remix), life before her eyes, linkin park, little voice, lolcat, love, ludo, lyrics, mark ronson, maroon 5, mean girls, megan mccauley, memoirs of a geisha, midnight sun, movies, music, musicals, mythbusters, new moon, new york city, paramore, penguins, phantom of the opera, photography, physics, pirates of the caribbean, post-hardcore, pride and prejudice, psychic kids, psychology, rambling, reading, riot, rock, rock band, roller hockey, romance, romeo & juliet, rosalie hale, sara bareilles, scary kids scaring kids, science, silence, singing, slash, sleeping, smart women, smut, sprite, starbucks, the dark knight, tourniquet, true love, tv, twilight, vampires, video games, vitamin string quartet, werewolves, whisper, wicca, witchcraft,

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